Animal Shelter Services & Fees


Adoption Fee
Female dog (up to 40 pounds)
Female dog (41-80 pounds) $150
Female dog (81+ pounds) $160
Male dog (up to 40 pounds)
Male dog (41+ pounds) $130
Female cat
Male cat
Animal Shelter

All animals adopted from the Idaho Falls Animal Shelter must be spayed or neutered within 30 days of adoption.

Price includes:

  • Spay/Neuter
  • Microchip
  • Rabies Vaccination
  • Applicable License (Dogs)
  • 5-way Vaccination/Bordetella (Dogs)
  • 4-way Vaccination (Cats) 
  • Transition bag of Science Diet Food

*Price will be DECREASED if the adopted dog has previously been spay/neutered, microchipped or vaccinated or if the animal will be residing in an area that we do not sell licenses for.          

*If you take the adopted animal to a vet and they charge additional prices for their services, you will be responsible to cover those costs.  The Vet Clinic will be responsible to collect those fees from you.


If you are unable to care for your animal any longer, it's recommended you attempt to find a new home for your animal by advertising it on a buyer-sell website, newspaper ad or social media. If you are unable to find a new home, the shelter will take the animal and attempt find a home for it. However, the shelter does not guarantee that we can find the animal another home. Please be aware that the animal could be euthanized.

Surrender Fee
Each Animal


The shelter offers euthanasia services for your pet. We euthanize using lethal injection and prefer the owner be present for the euthanasia (this is for your pets benefit).
Service Fee
Euthanasia of Dogs and Cats (does not include disposal of the body)


We offer cremation services with or without the ashes returned. The turn-around on the return is about a week to 10 days. The ashes you receive back will be only those of your pet and will include all of the animals' ashes.
Cremation Fee
Cremation with no ashes returned
Cremation with ashes returned (Up to 45 pounds)
Cremation with ashes returned (46-60 pounds)
Cremation with ashes returned (61-100 pounds)
Cremation with ashes returned (100+ pounds)


Idaho Falls Animal Services recommends every pet receive a microchip. The chip is a little larger than a grain of rice and is inserted just below the skin between the animals' shoulder blades. The pain is similar to that of receiving a vaccination. The chip does not emit any signal and does not have a power source nor can it track your animal. Each chip has a number assigned to it and this number is registered to the owner of the animal in a large database kept by the manufacturer of the chip. A scanner is needed to retrieve the number off of the chip. Most of the veterinarians and animal shelters in the United States have these scanners. This process only works if the owner of the animal keeps the chip manufacturer notified of any changes, including if the owner changes.

Microchip (includes lifetime registration)
Transfer of microchip registration $10


The Animal Shelter sells licenses for the following jurisdictions:

  • City of Idaho Falls
  • Bonneville County

All dogs living in these jurisdictions are required by law to have a current license and be wearing the license tag. Failure to have the license and/or tag is a misdemeanor. Cats are also required to be licensed, unless they are spayed/neutered, microchipped and have a rabies vaccination. 

The fees for a City of Idaho Falls license are:

License Fee
Neutered or spayed animal
Unaltered animal
Replacement tags
Licenses expire on December 31 each year after the license is issued.


If the Animal Shelter is required to impound and board your animal for any reason, including that they were found running at large, are quarantined for bite protocol, or are being held related to court proceedings, you will be assessed fees. 

Service                                                                    Fee
Impound $25 per animal
Board (Food provided by Shelter) $25 per animal per day
Board (Food provided by owner) $15 per animal per day