Hit & Run

Please call 911 if a hit and run incident occurred within the last 10 minutes.

If you have sustained an injury of any kind, please contact 911.
Do not use the eReporting form.

Click to Report A Crime

When to use the electronic reporting form:

  • In situations where suspect information is NOT present, please use the eReporting form.
    (Examples could include situations like these: Your car was parked unattended and an unknown driver/vehicle hit your car and didn’t leave any information; or a vehicle hit your car and then fled without stopping to exchange information or before you could get a license plate.)
  • In situations where suspect information is present, and if more than 10 minutes have passed since the damage occurred, please call dispatch at 208-529-1200.
    (For example, if you have a license plate number, description of the suspect, name, etc.)