The City of Idaho Falls' Engineering Division is responsible for the management of construction projects and information for the public rights-of-way, water, sewer and storm drain systems. Additionally, the Division provides services for other divisions within the City.
An aerial view of Idaho Falls.
14 employees currently maintain the information, provide maps, and assist the public. The Division also maintains all the traffic signs and pavement markings on public roadways throughout the City.

Public Works Bidding on QuestCDN

Learn about this program where the City of Idaho Falls helps property owners with their curb and gutter issues.

Project Bidding & Results
Views bids for open projects.

A City of Idaho Falls Public Works right-of-way license is required of any person engaging in the construction or placement of various structures.

View current standard drawings and specifications.

An application and fee are required for all property owners and developers seeking to vacate city right of way or easements within or adjacent to their property.

Documents commonly used by professionals when making application to the various City of Idaho Falls development processes

Plat Certification Templates

Public Input on S Woodruff Avenue and E 17th Street Intersection Improvements

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