Energy Star Clothes Washer

Qualified Idaho Falls Power (IFP) Customers may receive a zero-interest loan for the installation of a qualified Energy Star Clothes washer.

Participating Retailers

Idaho Falls Power and participating retailers work together to make this program simple and easy. The following retailers can direct you to qualifying clothes washers and enroll you in the loan program when you purchase a qualified clothes washer from their store:
  • Blacker's
  • Dennings
  • Lowe's
  • Northgate Appliance
  • Sears


Upon arrival at the store, alert a sales representative to the fact that you'd like to participate in IFP's loan program. The representative will call IFP to confirm your eligibility and will be able to tell you which appliances qualify for a loan. The representative will provide two documents for you to sign and the representative will submit the completed documents to IFP for processing.

Your loan payments will be equally spread over 36 months, and added to your monthly utility bill; there is no penalty for paying off the loan early. In most cases, the charge will appear on your next City Utilities bill. No additional steps are required, although you are welcome to call IFP before going to the retail outlet to confirm your eligibility for the program and/or to determine if the model you wish to purchase is eligible for financing (eligible appliances must have a minimum of 20% energy savings over standard models).