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Heat Pump Program

Idaho Falls Power offers a zero-interest loan or a rebate to qualifying customers who install energy efficient HVAC equipment in their home. We offer programs to assist our customer with the installation and purchase of an air source heat pump, ground source heat pump, or ductless heat pump.   
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Idaho Falls Power provides rebates and zero-interest loans to residential customers who convert their existing electric forced air furnace to an air-source heat pump. 

Idaho Falls Power Air-Source Heat Pump Rebates
 Measure                 Rebate            
 Air Source Heat Pump Conversion  Contact IFP for details
 Air-Source Heat Pump Conversion with Duct Sealing  Contact IFP for details

Loan Offerings

Qualifying customers may receive a zero-interest loan, up to $7,500, in-lieu of a rebate for this measure. Loans will only be provided to customers who have 12 months of utility payment history with the City of Idaho Fall and have no late payments with the City in the last 12 months. For more information about the loan program, please call Idaho Falls Power.   

Please call Idaho Falls Power for specific measure and installation requirements
Contractors must complete the PTCS form and return it to Idaho Falls Power