Street Issue

Report a Pothole

Thank you for working with us to get potholes taken care of as quickly as possible. Keeping roadways maintained and safe is very important to us.  

Please note that the Idaho Falls Street Division maintains roads that are within Idaho Falls city limits. Although state highways, including Yellowstone and Broadway run through Idaho Falls, those are maintained by the Idaho Transportation Department. 

City Streets

To report a pothole or other street issue within City of Idaho Falls limits, please click HERE. If the problem is hazardous to the public, please contact us immediately via phone at (208) 612-8490, as the website form may not be reviewed until the next regular working day.

County Streets 

To report a street issue in Bonneville County, please contact Bonneville County Road & Bridge at (208) 529-1290.

State Highways (Yellowstone/Broadway) 

For potholes and other issues on streets managed by the Idaho Transportation Department, such as Yellowstone Avenue or Broadway, email Bryan Young at [email protected]