Business Licenses

Please review the following categories to determine if your type of business requires a City of Idaho Falls license. Whether a City license is required or not, you will need to register with the Idaho State Tax Commission at (800)972-7660 and the Secretary of State at (208)334-2300. If you are operating a business from your residence, you may need to obtain a Home Occupation Permit. Please contact the Planning Division at (208)612-8276 for requirements of this free permit. 

All alcohol licenses will expire September 30 of each calendar year. Other business licenses will expire one (1) year from issuance with the exception of Door-to-Door licenses which will expire two (2) years from issuance, Child Care facility licenses which will expire two (2) years from issuance, and Child Care worker licenses which will expire five (5) years from issuance. The Police Chief, or their designee, approves all business and Child Care licenses.

Certificates of Occupancy are required on new or remodeled buildings.


Due to sensitive information required on most business license applications, non-fillable forms are available for your convenience. A notarized signature is required on several applications, the City Clerk's Office has notaries available should you require one. Please be prepared to submit photo identification and the appropriate payment with any business license application. 

Child Care

License Cost
Child Care Facility
See Application
*Child Care - Child Care Worker Certification ($20 application, $45 fingerprinting)
*Child Care - On-Site Non-Provider ($20 application, $45 fingerprinting)
Child Care - H&W Criminal History Unit (CHU) Consent to Release $20

Public Transportation

License Cost
*Public Transportation Company (Insurance and Vehicle Inspection)
$20 / Unit
*Public Transportation Operator (18 yrs, $20 annual license fee + $45 fingerprinting and $8 badge every 3 yrs)


License Cost
*Door-to-Door Sales ($20 license fee + $45 fingerprinting + $8 badge) $73
Additional Dog License $90
Other Business License  

* These documents require a fingerprint.