Reserving Viewing Areas

Reserving Areas During Independence Day

Estimates indicate that Idaho Falls more than doubles in size as we celebrate Independence Day with fund, food, music, games at Liberty on Parade, Riverfest and the Melaleuca Freedom Celebration. To make the day enjoyable for all, we encourage community members to celebrate in a courteous and neighborly manner.

There are many wonderful viewing areas available for both the parade and the Melaleuca Freedom Celebration. Following a few simple guidelines will ensure safety and help to preserve public property, including city parks and River Walk, as well as private property at Snake River Landing.

Reserving or marking viewing areas to obtain a viewing location for the fireworks may not occur before 6 a.m. on July 4 on public property or at locations provided by Snake River Landing. To prevent damage to public property or property at Snake River Landing, it is important that items such as blankets, tarps, and pop-up tents not be placed on the lawn prior to 6 a.m. on July 4. Do NOT drive stakes into the ground on public or private property, along the parade route or for the fireworks, as doing so may result in damaged sprinkler systems.

Any items placed prior to 6 a.m. on July 4 at city parks, the River Walk or Snake River Landing are subject to removal. The City is not responsible for items left at city parks, the River Walk, or Snake River Landing and cannot guarantee that they will not be stolen. If items are removed by City staff, they will be stored at designated lost and found locations.

  • Items placed on public or private property (including the viewing areas provided by Snake River Landing) to designate a reservation are left at the owner's risk and do not create a guarantee that the reserved area will remain available to the person or persons who left the items.
  • All personal belongings brought to event sites on public property or the viewing areas provided by Snake River Landing must be removed by midnight on July 4.
  • Do not mark off sidewalks, grass and roadways with defacing material such as any type of paint or adhesive material such as duct tape.
  • Pop up canopies and tents that may obstruct views should be lowered at sundown prior to the launch of the fireworks at Snake River Landing.
  • Do not block or interfere with pedestrian access or vehicular traffic or block sidewalks to reserve public areas or viewing areas provided by Snake River Landing.