Best Place to Raise Your Kids

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According to Business Week, Idaho Falls is one of the best places to raise your kids in 2010.

"Affordable, safe, and family-friendly

It's time for Business Week's annual ranking of the best places to raise your kids.

As we did last year, we teamed up with OnBoard Informatics, a New York-based provider of real estate analysis, to select 1 town and 2  runners-up for each of the 50 states. The selections were limited to towns that have at least 45,000 residents and a median income of between $40,000 and $125,000. Vermont was given a pass on the population restrictions because none of its cities would otherwise have made the cut.

We used the same criteria to rank the towns, but we shifted the weights slightly to come up with what we consider better results. The data we used included school performance, number of schools, household expenditures, crime rates, air quality, job growth, family income, museums, parks, theaters, other amenities, and diversity.

Affordability, safety*, and school test scores were given the greatest weight.

Some communities made the list again this year, including Warner Robins, a military town in Georgia, and the Charlotte suburb of Rock Hill, SC. But most of the towns we chose are new to the list. The Chicago suburb of Tinley Park, Ill., which won the nation's overall best ranking this year, is just an hour south of last year's winner, Mount Prospect, Ill.

Last year, readers reacted strongly to our list. Read this year's picks. Let the online discussion begin."

Best Place to Raise Your Kids: Idaho Falls, Idaho
  • Median family income: $62,833
  • Nearest city: Idaho Falls
  • Population: 52,434
  • Runners-up: Meridian, Pocatello
"Idaho Falls, located along the Snake River at the Rocky Mountains' western edge, is an affordable city with its own symphony, opera, museums, zoos, and minor league baseball team. The economy depends on agriculture and is home to the Idaho National Laboratory."

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