City Rate Status Discounts

City Rate Status Discounts for Recreation Programs

Fee Range Discount
$0-$2.99 $0.25
$3-$5.99 $0.50
$6-$11.99 $1
$12-$19.99 $2
$20-$29.99 $3
$30-$39.99 $4
$40-$49.99 $5
$50-$59.99 $6
$60-$69.99 $7
$70-$79.99 $8
$80-$89.99 $9
$90-$99.99 $10
$100-$119.99 $12
$120-$139.99 $14
$140-$159.99 $16

City Rate Status Discounts for Zoo Admission

Description Admission Fee without City Rate Status
Admission Fee with City Rate Status
Age 3 and Under Free Free
Age 4 to 12 $3 $2
Age 13 to 61 $6 $4
Age 62 and Older $4.50 $3.50

City Rate Status Discounts for Golf Fees & Passes

View green fee rates and golf pass prices.

City Rate Discount

Citizens of Idaho Falls, through payment of their property taxes, contribute directly to the operation of the Idaho Falls Parks and Recreation Division facilities, programs, and services. A City Rate Status allows city residents to receive reduced rates services. Residents not registered as a city resident, as well as out-of-city residents, will be assessed the full fee for all programs and services.

How to Receive the City Rate Discount Status

A City Rate Discount Status can be obtained at the Recreation Center, Wes Deist Aquatic Center, and the golf courses. Bring proof of residency (Utility bill from the City of Idaho Falls) and your information will be entered into our system so that you receive a resident discount.

Idaho Falls Resident

Idaho Falls residents live within the city limits. The boundaries used by the U.S. Post Office and those that actually determine the city limits are not the same. Having an Idaho Falls address does not necessarily mean that you are a city resident. Owning a property or business within the Idaho Falls city limits does not qualify one as an Idaho Falls resident.