Winter Outdoor Recreation

Idaho Falls generally has some snow on the ground December through March, though this can vary season to season.

Trail Grooming

**Trails need a good 4" hard packed base of snow before grooming can be done.

Parks and Recreation works hard during the winter to keep trails groomed for Cross Country Skis and Fat Bike & Walking Trails.  For the 2022-2023 season, we will be maintaining trails at Freeman Park and Tautphaus Park.   Either can be used anytime during the week or weekend and is free. They will be groomed for the entire winter depending on snow conditions.  You can help us better maintain the trails by follow a few simple rules: 

Rules for Using Trails: 
 - Fat Bikes and Walkers stay to the right
 - DON'T Cross Country ski in the bike/walking trail
 - Cross Country Skis to the LEFT 
 - DON'T walk/ride in Cross Country Ski trail
 - Keep dogs from running on the trail (on the side in the deeper snow is perfect)
 - Clean up after your dog(s)!  Scoop that poop and take it with you!  
 - Stay out of the middle of the trail 

**Please remember to be respectful of others and use the trails for their intended use. Cross country skiers should use the grooved trails while cross country skaters, fat bikers and walkers should all use the flat groomed path to the side. Please also remember to pick up after your dogs.

Groomed Trails

Groomed trails are open to:

  • Cross Country Skiing
  • Fat Biking
  • Snow Skating
  • Winter Walking

** Trails are generally groomed Mon, Wed, and Fri. depending on snow and weather conditions. *Maps are an estimate

***The trails need a good 4" hard packed base of snow before grooming can be done.

Freeman Park Trail Map here

Tautphaus Park Trail Map here

NOTE: We will NOT be grooming Old Butte or Sunnyside Park this 2022-2023 season.

Sunnyside Park Trail Map here

Old Butte Park Trail Map here  

Groomed Trails 2016
Two people cross country skiing in the snow.

Sledding at the Parks

Thanks to our wonderful and hilly parks, we have several amazing( and FREE!) locations for families to spend an afternoon sledding this Winter. Remember, sledding is always done at your own risk. 

  • Freeman Park
    • There are many hills throughout this park. The most popular sledding hill is located near the top of the hill at the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial, and people sled down towards the Bandshell.
  • Community Park
    • This sledding hill is located directly west of the Gazebo near the parking lot and playground. 
  • Sandy Downs Dune Area
    • This sledding hill can be located by entering the secondary, smaller entrance of Sandy Downs Arena, located just a few hundred years East of the main Sandy Downs entrance. Enter that smaller entrance, and drive down the entrance driveway for a few hundred years. The sledding hill is the largest of our sledding hills, and will be located on the left-hand side.

Outdoor Ice Rinks in Idaho Falls 
Closed for the Season

Ice Skating can be enjoyed by the entire family and can be done inside between October and March or outside during the real cold months of the year. (Weather pending)

2023 Outdoor Ice Rink is located in Tautphaus Park on the corner of Rollandet St and Softball Dr. This is rink is free of charge. Ice skate rental is located in the Marmo/Wayne Lehto Ice Arena or you can bring your own. 

An outdoor ice skating rink surrounded by snow.

Skate Rentals for Tautphaus Park Rink

Skate rentals will be available this winter for the outdoor rink that will be put in the field just east of the ice arena. Rentals will be available inside the Joe Marmo/Wayne Lehto Ice Arena as weather permits. Keys or driver's license will be required for a deposit. 

When conditions are good!!!

Check Ice Arena homepage for the most accurate information..