Citizen Watch Patrol

Are you looking for a meaningful volunteer opportunity? You should consider joining the Idaho Falls Citizen's Watch Patrol.

The Idaho Falls Citizen's Watch Patrol volunteers - made up of retirees, working folks, students, and stay-at-home moms - has found an incredible way to give back to their community through the numerous hours of service to the IFPD.

How You Help Idaho Falls

Since starting in 2001, this group of volunteers has saved the city anywhere from $100,000 to $500,000 annually through their dedicated service. They've assisted the department with special events, neighborhood patrols, traffic control, vacation watches, ballot pick-up, park patrols and other services. These volunteers have not only saved the city money, but they have ensured that the city of Idaho Falls maintains a high quality of life for residents.

Around the state, the Citizens Watch Patrol (aka CWP) sets a high standard for other law enforcement volunteer groups with their professionalism and dedication to volunteering.


Requirements for joining the CWP include completing the Idaho Falls Police Citizen's Academy, passing a background check, committing to volunteering at least 10 hours (flexible to your schedule) a month to the program and participating in the monthly training.

For more information, contact Lieutenant Brian Trimble at [email protected]

Listen to an interview with a Citizens Watch volunteer.
Citizen Watch Patrol Helping With Crowd Control at the Emotion Bowl
Citizen Watchperson Patrol Assisting with Ballot Box Pick-up During Election Night
Citizen Watch Patrol Assisting During the Annual Community Night Out