Flag Football

This program is a developmentally appropriate program for kids in grades 1st to 4th. Divisions will play by 1st - 2nd grade and a 3rd-4th grade division. 

The league the child plays is determined by the grade they are going into for the 2022-2023 school year.  Participant my play up a grade, but may not play down. 
Unique circumstances may be considered and permitted by the Recreation Department 



  • $56.00 per player (includes shirt) (tax included)
  • Coach shirts or additional shirts are $10.00 (tax included)


    Season Begins: August 20, 2022
    1st/2nd Grade Schedule:   here 
    3rd/4th  Grade Schedule:   here


    8 game schedule.
    Games are played once a week on Saturdays for the first three to four weeks and two games a week the last two to three weeks (one Saturday game and an additional weeknight game (Tuesday thru Friday)

    Location: Community Park
Registration - This is a TEAM registration 
Registration begins May 2nd, 2022 

To create a team for registration
- contact the Rec Center at (208) 612-8580
Once your team is created, instructions on your team members can register will be emailed (or printed) for you.   

If you are unable to form your own team, but would like your child to join a team.  Register for the "Flag Football Pick Up List"  and you will be contacted if your player is needed.   A child on the pickup list is not guaranteed a spot on a team.  
1st/2nd wait list here
3rd/4th wait list  here


 Additional Information
  • 1st/2nd division play with a 1/2 peewee size football
  • 3rd/4th division play with a 3/4 jr or internal size football