Fall Volleyball


This program is a great way for girls to learn the game of volleyball. Variations have been made to promote skill development, such as lowering the net, moving the service line, and allowing two serves.
Beach Volleyball Net

2020 Season

2nd / 3rd Grade Schedule   here
4th / 5th  Grade Schedule   here
6th / 7th  Grade Schedule   here
Volleyball Rules    here
Covid Guidelines  here 

Player Fee: $42.40 (includes tax & a t-shirt)

Youth Volleyball Team Packet      here
Deadline: Aug. 12, 2020
Starts: Sept 9th,  2020

If you are unable to form your own team you can click on the  link to put your child on the waiting/pickup list or call the Recreation Center at 208-612-8580 to put your child on a pickup list.

A child on a waiting/pickup list is not guaranteed a spot on a team.