In addition to base compensation, Idaho Falls Police Officers receive compensation for Idaho POST Certificates on the following schedule: an Intermediate Certificate is paid at 1.5% of the base hourly rate, (30 cents minimum), an Advanced Certificate is paid at 2.25% of the base hourly rate, and a Masters Certificate is paid at 3% of the base hourly rate. Language certificate is an additional 3% of base hourly rate.

There are 11 holidays observed by the City of Idaho Falls. Officers who work these holidays are paid at twice the regular rate (double time). If a holiday falls on a scheduled day off, the officer earns a "hold day," which is a day off the officer can use at a later date. The City of Idaho Falls also rewards employees for remaining with the City through longevity pay, which increases throughout the Officer's career.

Officers receive $425 annually for footwear. Uniforms, equipment and firearm are provided. Upon completion of probation, officers who live within twelve miles of the center of the City of Idaho Falls may be issued a police vehicle, which may be used off duty within the City of Idaho Falls. If an officer chooses to have a "take home car," he/she is required to pay a nominal fee per month to offset the increased cost of insurance.

Medical and dental insurance premiums are paid by the City of Idaho Falls for the employee. Employees pay a portion of the premium for dependents. Basic life insurance coverage for the employee is provided by the City. Officers are enrolled in the Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho (PERSI).