2021 Teacher Development Course

Why should kids have all the fun? Join Sunny Katseanes,Public Engagement Curator and Augusta Grumdahl, Zoo Educator for two days of instruction and the Idaho Falls Zoo.

Exotics in Idaho

We'll investigate the characteristics of animals that live at Idaho Falls Zoo and compare them with animals native to Idaho. Learn about animal characteristics, biological classification, species management and zoo collections while you explore the zoo in depth.

Dates and Times:
August 10 and 11
9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. each day 
***Note: This class will take place at the Idaho Falls Zoo Education Center this year. Please call Augusta at (208)612-8254 you have any questions.  
$65 for the class payable to City of Idaho Falls
PLUS $60 for 1 continuing education credit payable to North Nazarene University

You must register separately with BOTH Idaho Falls Zoo and NNU 

Click HERE to register with the Idaho Falls Zoo

Click HERE to register with Northwest Nazarene University