Weed Control

The Weed and Environmental Control section of the Parks Department manages and enforces the City's weed control program and provides a proactive approach to maintain a controlled weed environment as well as responding to resident's observations, concerns and complaints.

Weed control provides fire safety, pleasing neighborhood aesthetics, street cleanliness, and the reduction of related health issues. This section is also responsible for herbicide treatment on public properties including right-of-ways, trash and debris removal, park restroom cleaning, as well as operating and maintaining Sandy Downs Rodeo Grounds and Noise Park.
To report a violation or for more information on the ordinance concerning weeds,Code Enforcement at 208-612-8555. You can also submit a complaint by using our online form.

Nuisance Weed

Within the City of Idaho Falls we utilize the State Weed Law as well as a Nuisance Weed Ordinance (PDF). The Nuisance Weed Ordinance specifies that weeds are not to exceed 10 inches in height. City of Idaho Falls may send enforcement letters to the owners of property who are in violation of this ordinance instructing them to mow, till, or disk their property.