Whom to Call

For media inquiries, please contact Holly Cook, IFPD Public Information Officer.

Public information is released in accordance with the Idaho Public Records Act.

Members of the public, including members of the media, must submit a written public records request to obtain documents such as reports, mugshots or other public information.
Please refer to our records page for instructions and forms.

In the case of short deadline(s), if the Public Information Officer is not promptly available, it is recommended that you call dispatch (208-529-1200) and request to speak with the patrol shift supervisor.

Note: The patrol shift supervisor is able to provide basic information on breaking crimes, or crimes that occur on his or her shift. If you call a shift supervisor immediately after a call goes out over the radio, it is unlikely the supervisor will have additional information available immediately. Please allow time for the officers and supervisor to prioritize taking care of the issue at hand. 

Shift supervisors are in the patrol division and are not briefed on cases that involve detectives or ongoing investigations (different divisions, different jobs). Please contact the Public Information Officer for these types of requests. If you are requesting documents, please be sure to fill out the appropriate forms. 

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