What Information is Available

Crimes & arrests: what information is available?

Public information is released in accordance with the Idaho Public Records Act.

In most cases, these details are usually available:
  • Type or nature of an event or crime
  • Location, date, time, damages, general description of incident*
  • Name, sex, age of person arrested
  • Time and/or place* of arrest (or where the incident occurred)
  • Place of suspect's detention. (Amount of bond may be available from the Bonneville County Jail 208-529-1315 or Bonneville County Prosecutor's Office 208-529-1348.)
  • Names of officers involved in critical incidents will be released as soon as possible
*If the location of arrest/crime may identify victims, this information may not be immediately available.

What information may be available?

  • Specific cause of death, after officially determined by the coroner
  • Very general description of injuries sustained, in contrast with specific medical conditions, as viewed by the officers (as opposed to specific medical conditions)
  • Mug shots may be released through IFPD when available upon request via email or phone (may be available from the Bonneville County Jail 208-529-1315)
  • Names of suspects age 14 or over charged with an actual crime may be released upon the approval of the Chief of Police.