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Posted on: February 22, 2022



Only about a third of sudden cardiac arrest victims receive bystander CPR, and public access Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are used less than 3% of the time when needed and available. The current situation is far too few bystander rescuers – not too many. The goal of the app is to engage additional bystanders in these lifesaving acts. Thank you for helping us change these statistics and save more lives!

PulsePoint App Instructions:

  1. PulsePoint IconDownload the free PulsePoint app using your Apple IOS or Android device. 
  2. Once installed, tap the PulsePoint icon you your device to launch the app. 
  3. Review app terms. 
  4. Tap the white dial at the top of the screen to select an agency to follow. 
  5. Tap add agency. 
  6. Type in Idaho Falls Fire Department. 
  7. Tap the word follow in the upper right-hand corner.

How does PulsePoint work?

  • A CPR notification arrives as a normal push notification. This notification will be accompanied by a distinctive alert tone. Opening the notification will load the PulsePoint app. The screen will display your current location, the general reported location of the cardiac arrest victim, and any nearby AEDs (defibrillators). 
  • To receive a “CPR Needed” activation, you must have the CPR notification type selected in the Settings Menu and you must be in the immediate vicinity of a reported cardiac arrest.
  • The app aims to notify those essentially within walking distance of the event location.

What about patient privacy?

  • The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) protects the privacy of individually identifiable health information.
  • On a ‘CPR Needed’ notification, the app reports only an address (in a public place) and a business name, if available. Individually identifiable health information, such as name, birth date, or Social Security Number are not reported or known to the PulsePoint application.
  • The PulsePoint app is a Location-Based Service with the ability to make use of the geographical position of your mobile device. The capabilities of the app allow you to see your current location relative to the incidents occurring around you. This is an optional feature that is not enabled by default – you must specially opt-in to utilize this functionality.
  • In addition, if you opt-in to the CPR/AED notification, the PulsePoint server will store your current location for immediate reference during an emergency where you may be nearby. In this case, only the current location of your device is stored (no movement history is maintained) and your identity is never known to the PulsePoint application.

Click HERE for more information about PulsePoint. 


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