My neighbor is operating a business from his home. Is that legal?
In most of the City residential neighborhoods, home occupations are permitted under limited circumstances. Any signs have to be limited to 18 inches by 24 inches on the wall of the home. Only residents of the home can be involved in the home occupation.

Most of the home is to be used as a home; only the equivalent of 25% of the first floor can be used for a home occupation, although the garage may be used for the home occupation. No outdoor storage of materials or supplies is permitted, and traffic generation is limited. A home occupation permit is required prior to beginning business, and there is no cost for the permit.

Home occupations are not permitted under the zoning ordinance in the following subdivisions:
- Hughes Imperial Estates
- Much of Alice Dickson and Rose Nielsens
- Park-St. Clair
- Parts of Fairway Estate
- Rosepark
- Stonebrook
- The Dunes

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