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Archery Range

Subfacility of Sandy Downs

The Idaho Falls Division of Parks and Recreation partnered with the local non-profit South Fork Archers Club to develop the new archery range. The archery range is located just east of Sandy Downs arena on E 65th Street and has been constructed on approximately 30 acres of city-owned property. The range will be open year-round during daylight hours for recreational shooting, competitive tournaments and outdoor educational programming.


The site now holds a static range where archers shoot into large targets that are secured into freestanding target sheds. In the future, a second approximately half mile trail range will be built with 14 static targets set up at varying ranges up to 80 yards.

Indoor Range

The club also hopes to build an indoor range in the future. The club membership has volunteered to manage and maintain the range for the City through a lease agreement.

Additional Information

For more information on the archery range or to assist with this volunteer effort, residents may call the Division of Parks and Recreation at 208-612-8479 or contact the South Fork Archers.