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Proclamation Request

  1. Proclamations are official, ceremonial documents signed by the Mayor of Idaho Falls in recognition of special community events or significant occurrences. Please fill out the following forum completely to request a proclamation.

  2. Guidelines:

    • Proclamations are limited to non-commercial, nonprofit efforts which have a specific nexus within Idaho Falls. National organizations, groups, or activities that desire a proclamation must have an in-city sponsor. 
    • Whenever possible please submit request at least (3) weeks prior to the date you wish to receive the document to ensure a timely response.
    • Please submit requests annually. Proclamations will not have a standing order.
    • Please be aware that the Office of the Mayor may choose not to process a proclamation request. 
    • The Office of the Mayor may modify requested proclamation verbiage. 
    • If you feel the media may have an interest in your proclamation, you may reach out to local media outlets. 
    • A proclamation does not imply the Mayor's personal support or endorsement for any given issue or project.
    • No proclamation or portion of a proclamation may be used as part of paid advertisement without written permission from the Office of the Mayor. 
    • More than one proclamation may be issued by the Office of the Mayor for the same date.  
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  4. Proclamation Information

  5. Please provide the desired draft language and/or background of the person, event or organization being proclaimed. You may include additional information. Please provide as much detailed information as possible so the proclamation fully meets your needs. 

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