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Animal Services Volunteer Form and Waiver

  1. Animal Control Volunteer Form and Waiver
  2. Thank You for Volunteering!
    Looking for a fun activity? Want to find a rewarding way to get help lost or abandoned animals? Then we can use your help! Here at Animal Services, hundreds of volunteers every year join us and help give back to the community by volunteering. We always need help with cleaning cages, socializing animals, and give animals baths. Volunteer hours are Monday – Friday from 10am-5:30pm & Saturdays from 10am-2:30pm.
  3. Are You Volunteering as an Individual, or as a Group?*
    Groups would include families, companies, clubs, etc.
  4. What is the name of your group or organization?
  5. Will There be Minors in the Group (under 18)*
  6. Minors must be accompanied by an adult! No volunteers under 12 are permitted.
  7. Is This for Court Ordered Community Service?*
  8. We are not always able to have an employee watch over Community Service volunteers, but if scheduling allows, we will try to do so.
  9. Examples may include walking the animals, cleaning cages, etc. You may also put "Anything" if you do not have anything specific in mind.
  10. Please put the specific dates and times you or your group would like to volunteer. If it does not matter, you should put the date range you are available.
  11. Do You or Anyone in the Group Have Any Possible Restrictions on Physical Labor?*
    This could include age, physical issues, emotional issues, etc
  12. Please list any possible issues.
  13. Volunteer Training Tasks Checklist*
    Before you can help with walking and socializing the animals, you must complete the Volunteer Training Tasks Checklist. Have you completed this Checklist in the past?
  14. Volunteer Training Tasks Checklist*
    Here is the Volunteer Training Tasks Checklist. As you have not completed this form yet, you must do so before you are able to be alone with the animals. This checklist is estimated to take around 5 hours to complete, and may be done over multiple visit. Read over this Checklist.
  15. Release Statement*
    I understand in consideration of the opportunity and permission to volunteer with the City of Idaho Falls, Idaho, to perform the assigned service and the beneficial experience to be gained, do hereby fully and completely release the City of Idaho Falls, Idaho, its officials and employees from any and all claims, demands, and liability of every nature and description whatsoever and howsoever arising by reason of my being allowed to volunteer with the City. I acknowledge that the volunteer work I am performing may be physical in nature. I acknowledge that any photograph or videotape taken of me participating in this activity may be used for outreach, education or documentation purposes, without compensation, by the City of Idaho Falls, Idaho. By my signature below, I verify that I am 18 years of age or older. I also understand the rights, responsibilities, and privileges of participation in the volunteer program and agree to hold harmless, release and indemnify the City of Idaho Falls, Idaho, its officials and employees from all liability resulting from my participation in this program. I also acknowledge receipt of the “Standard Operating Procedures for Volunteers – Community Service Workers – Students” and agree to follow these procedures. By clicking "Yes" on this form, I agree to the terms of the release statement.
  16. Questions? Comments?
    Contact the Animal Shelter. The number is 208-612-8671.
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