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Banner Application 2020

  1. Banner Application for 2020
    Please fill out all the information fully and completely.
  2. How Many Banners Do You Have?*
    Please check how many banners you would like us to hang.
  3. Up to 30 Days prior to your event
  4. Up to 30 days after your event
  5. No dates are guaranteed. Installation/Removal dates are based on the City of Idaho Falls Parks & Recreation Department’s work schedule.
  6. Banner’s must be received up to 30 days prior to event
  7. Location of Banners (choose area/s) and number of banners per area:
  8. 4 Banner’s max - S.17th St. and Sunnyside Rd.
  9. 3 Banner’s max – Cliff St. and Pancheri
  10. 3 Banner’s max
  11. 2 Banner’s max - Memorial and Science Center Drive
  12. 8 Banner’s max - Hitt-Woodruff, Woodruff-Holmes, Holmes-Rollandet, Rollandet to Yellowstone
  13. Please write any additional comments that you would like us to know, in this box.
  14. Acknowledgements*
    I acknowledge that this application will not be considered filed and processing may not be initiated until Parks and Recreation determines that the submittal is complete will all necessary information and is acceptable as complete. The City will notify the applicant of all application deficiencies no later than 30 days following application submittal. Call 208-612-8479 or email to Hollie Pettingill or fax application to 208-612-8296.
  15. Delay of Pickup Fee*
    As the Owner, lessee or Person in lawful Possession of these banners, I understand, agree and acknowledge that the City of Idaho Falls is not responsible for damage or loss of banners and I agree to pick up the banners within three days of notification so as to not incur a storage fee of $5.00 per day that the banners are stored.
  16. Write First and Last Name
  17. Put Current Date
  18. Leave This Blank:

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