John Radford

City Council
Title: Council Member
Phone: (208) 520-0077

John Radford, Idaho Falls City Council Member

Department Liaison Assignment: Community Development Services
Co-liaison: Idaho Falls Power & Public Works
Board Liaison: Bonneville Metropolitan Planning Organization Policy Board
Other: Ronald McDonald House Committee, Rotary Club Board

John Radford was born and raised on the West Side of Idaho Falls. John attended Ethel Boyes grade school and Eagle Rock Junior High and then Graduated from Rigby High School. John attended Brigham Young University and then served a mission for his church in Michigan. John returned to Brigham Young University and then transferred to Idaho State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science. John also holds an MBA that he earned after attending Idaho State University and Washington State University.

John's Family is made up of his wonderful wife of 21 years, Melanie (a Ballet Teacher), a terrific daughter, Ella (an aspiring author and book designer). John lives next to Tautphaus Park here in Idaho Falls, were he has spent many hours with his family.

John has many accomplishments in his work life:
  • A Masters of Business Administration
  • A career of 20 years as a General Manager for a Fortune 500 Company (Barnes and Noble Booksellers)
  • Literary Person of the Year
  • Vice-Chair Mid-Columbia Library Board
  • A DOE internship
  • All-Conference Basketball Player
  • High School Basketball Coach and Official

Book Selling
He has had the joy of reading, selling, sharing, and learning from customers while selling books for the past 20 years. This experience has allowed John a rare opportunity to learn from an amazing cross section of our community. It is his ability to learn and listen that has inspired his journey into civic service.

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