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Sportsman Park - Pederson

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  1. Picnic Areas
  2. Picnic Shelters
  • 4 acres
On the East side of the park next to Key bank is a small gazebo that hangs over the water. It has four picnic tables and there is electrical access on nearby poles and bathrooms. There is a walking bridge that goes across the river to the island. The island has a two small decks that can be rented. Both the upper deck, and the lower deck (with the friendship garden) can be reserved for $75 per day. Note: The lower deck has no electricity. On the west side of the park close to the hotel, is a deck area referred to as "Jensens Overlook". This can also be rented for $75 per day.
Contact Parks and Recreation at 208-612-8580 to make reservations.
If you are having more than 100 people at your event, you will need submit a Park Application.  See HERE.
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  1. Sportsman Park Friendship Garden

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  2. Sportsman Park Gazebo (by Key Bank)

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  3. Sportsman Park Lower Deck

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