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Sportsman Park - Pederson Park - Friendship Garden

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  1. Picnic Areas
  • 4 acres

The Friendship Garden is located on a rocky island in the Snake River in the heart of Idaho Falls. The island is historically important as the site of the first bridge to span the Snake River in Eastern Idaho. The garden was developed to celebrate thirty years of associating with our Japanese sister city, Tokai-Mura, and to encourage friendship with peoples throughout the world.

The Friendship Garden contains a traditional Japanese garden gate, many water features, a viewing platform, a deck, a "Dragon's Path" across a pond and the large Japanese lantern given to the city by Tokai-Mura. The many features have been built by volunteers who have donated many hours of their time to these projects. 

Contact Judy Seydel for donation or volunteer information.


  1. Sportsman Park Gazebo (by Key Bank)

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  2. Sportsman Park Lower Deck

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