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1. Who do I contact if I have any questions?
2. Do I need a wireless router? What type of router do you recommend?
3. What equipment will be installed in my home and where?
4. How will you run the fiber? What is the process of both types of installation?
5. What is a site survey?
6. What if I don’t want to connect right away? Can I connect later to the network?
7. Will I have to pay for this even if I don’t use the service?
8. What is UTOPIA?
9. Who will provide Internet service?
10. Will Idaho Falls Fiber or Idaho Falls Power be providing Internet service?
11. Why doesn’t a private company provide the fiber infrastructure instead of Idaho Falls Fiber?
12. Can the fiber network be used for both purposes?
13. What is the purpose of providing residential fiber service?
14. Who uses that system?
15. Does Idaho Falls already have a fiber system?
16. What does it mean to “light” fiber?
17. What is “dark fiber?”
18. How is fiber distributed throughout the city?
19. Why is fiber important to Idaho Falls?
20. What is fiber, or fiber optics?